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Orientation Agenda

Orientation Agenda

Have you submitted an application to join our team of volunteers? If so, great! We’re excited to have you.

To make sure all our volunteers are accountable and aware of our needs at BASE Camp, we host a mandatory orientation for all our volunteers before they take part in BASE Camp activities.

Volunteer orientation is held at our office at Winter Park on the 2nd Saturday and last Wednesday of each month. See our calendar to be sure of when our next orientation is hosted.

Our office address is: 650 North Wymore Road, #103 Winter Park FL 32789, United States.

We strongly recommend that all volunteers read our Volunteer FAQ before attending, to be clear regarding the opportunities and expectations of volunteering at BASE Camp.

At BASE Camp, we put the needs of our young patients and their families first and foremost. This means we expect appropriate and respectful conduct from all of our volunteers, so that we can give the greatest assistance possible.

The following standards are expected of all our volunteers:

  • No Alcohol, Smoking, Cursing, or Sexual Misconduct.
  • Please dress for the occasion. If you’re swimming, bring a swim suit; if you’re running around, wear shorts, etc. We’re usually quite casual.
  • Please follow hospital dress codes when visiting.
  • Dress for Fundraising Events in your BASE Camp shirt, and appropriately long (clean!) shorts, skirt, or slacks. We want everyone to know you’re a part of our team!

In order to defray our costs for volunteers’ shirts, we ask you to buy your shirt: either $7 for a T-shirt, or $15 for a polo. Otherwise, your cost to volunteer is only your time, transportation, and any costs or donations you’d like to personally offer.

After you attend our orientation, you’ll be all set to volunteer! To be sure you’re getting the most up-to-date information regarding upcoming events at BASE Camp, please join our volunteer newsletter. Whenever you’d like to donate your time and talent, contact us to let us know.

Thank you! We cannot run our programs without the help of volunteers. From the inception of our programs, we have been dependent on volunteers to carry out our mission: to make a difference in the life of a child!